Building On The Tree

Building On The Tree

Author Samuel David Silva Batista
Team Samuel David Silva Batista
Country Brazil

The "Outros Territórios" contest represents a unique opportunity for intervention, which reflects a reflection on how the lack of planning, sensitivity and responsibility with the territory in the generation of the city has brought about environmental problems, these linked to a large extent to the lack of efficient architectural design strategies that dialogue with the environment. The above can be seen represented in the creation of urban voids that are called "Stilts" which are structures that have only been thought of as elements of building supports without taking into account the visual impact on the environment and the functional logic of a building.
It is evident that a large part of the present problem is derived from the same need of the market but that they have been increased by the desire of the real estate sector to design and build projects outside the context..
Therefore, we believe from our point of view that a proposal for this contest must revolve in the sense of providing utility and functionality to the space, in relation to it being a place of integration, contemplation or relaxation on the part of the habitual residents as the occasional ones. It has to be a space that invites reflection on: how are we intervening in the territory and what repercussions does it have?
We also consider it important to highlight in the proposal the fact of creating an intervention that does what the real estate developers did not do and that is to connect and establish a relationship between the building and the land.

The proposal we have designed for this contest, seeks to be an abstract spatial gesture that brings to mind the environmental elements that characterized the land and that were razed to accommodate the buildings that are currently on the site.
We wanted to connect the land with the building, that is why we resorted to the idea of ​​trees, in that sense we wanted to apply the concept of "house on the tree" in this case "buildings on the tree".
One of the characteristics that defines Belo Horizonte is that its streets in the month of July or August are covered in the colors yellow, pink and purple due to the species Handroanthus albus. It is also noteworthy that the symbolic tree of the city, the Quaresmeira presents these tones.
The idea of ​​creating an asymmetrical foliage where the people looking upwards captivated them was born from the reinterpretation of the elements of the favela chair of the Campana brothers. The light located behind the wood will create shadows imitating those of the trees.

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