Author Luca Frasca
Team Giorgia Ferrara
Country Italy

ANTIGRAVITY is first of all an experience. Due to a system of nets and hanging chairs the inhabitants of Buritis can discover a new quality of the stilts. The stilt becomes a charming place, where they can enjoy a series of magnificent views: the belvedere of Belo Horizonte and the kaleidoscopic effect of the near stilts. From the street level it can be seen as a squared installation, but, when people starts walking on it, it changes its form in an organic shape due to the material's elastic properties. The passage through this kind of support leads to a deformation, which breaks the squareness of the building by creating an endless transformation, and by even changing the number of the guests present in the installation. The emptiness becomes “full” and variable. The dynamism in the space of ANTIGRAVITY is permitted by the undoubted protagonists of the project: the hammocks; suspended, free and floating objects.

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