Mirrors Under Buriti

Mirrors Under Buriti

Author Sean Broadhurst
Team Sean Broadhurst
Country Canada

Mirrors Under Buriti is a strategy to make use of residual space and invert the image of a structure that ignores its context. Large inflatable mirrored spheres of varying sizes will be gradually installed within the structure until a giant, bubbling surface of distorted scenery confronts the viewer from the street below. The structure itself is also to be wrapped in mirrored surfacing, to render it invisible and further the effect of refracted light. The massive scale of the structure and the installation appears light and almost non-existent through the use of mirrored surfaces which alter their image as the viewer moves by the project. The mirror spheres and structure have no image of their own, to the human eye they can only receive the image of whatever is opposite. As a sphere, that image is distorted, reminding us that what we’re seeing is not the real Buriti, but a reflection of it. The quality of being receptive is a stark contrast to the banal architecture of the new development which says little about its environment. At night, the lost imagery of the buriti palm forest which once covered the sloping terrain is regained through a projection of a video which will be recorded upon site visit from the neighbouring nature reserve. The reserve was the compensation for the development of these structures, with the video projection remembering this cost and recalling the palms which grew to the height of the concrete stilts that now create a forest of concrete.

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