Cotton Cocoons

Cotton Cocoons

Author Sara Abbagnale
Team Sara Abbagnale, Melania Di Palma
Country Italy

The project’s idea starts from the desire to recreate a comfortable, intimate and familiar space for aggregation, where people can feel at home and at the same time in a dream place. To achieve this familiarity and suggestion, cotton was chosen as the main material of the project and a representative element of Brazil.

From the plastic point of view, the project wants to recreate a series of fluctuating padded cocoons: the pre-existence on which we are going to intervene will be the "Giant stilts II", which presents a facade characterized by a dense and regular mesh of beams and pillars in which they are inserted four "cocoons". The lot has been chosen precisely because it is accessible from the street "Professor Euclydes Ferreira Street" and therefore allows full use of the "lounge" by all the inhabitants of Belo Horizonte.

The cells can be reached by ladders linked by ropes and knots to the existing beams and pillars, inside a thick polyamide mesh has a double function of the floor and the seat. The net is connected to a thicker polyester rope that follows the perimeter of the chosen module and the latter is linked to other ropes that are knotted with "Gassad'amante" knots to the beams of the structure.

To reinforce the image of the living room, pillows and shelves have been inserted where it is possible to place books, drinks, PCs, etc. The maximum number of people who can access a cell are 4/5 with a total weight of up to 500 kilos.

The idea of recreating a cocoon is realized using ropes of thick Brazilian cotton that cover the faces of the space outlined and return an effect “I see/I cannot see”. Sensoriality, emotion, elegance, comfort, aggregation and tradition: this is "Cotton Cocoons".

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