Author Valeria Barzetti
Team Sara Giustiniani
Country Italy

ORIGEM (“origins”) is a conceptual and artistic act, that putting a natural,
traditional material on its concrete-made, modern antithesis, aims to
awaken the local community’s consciousness about the place they live in.
The main purpose of the project is to represent the local culture through a
surprising usage of a well-known material: piaçava palm reminds of
traditional rural villages, to locals as well as to strangers, and is nowadays
used for brooms and outdoor coverings.
This material is used like a dress for the stilt, with no intention to cover it
but instead to reveal it, which is the opposite.
As a matter of fact, this action brings to the viewer’s attention something
that, so ordinary and repetitive, he never really looks at, but it exists and is
a part of the city. This way, traditional and modern (but forgotten) elements
are combined to highlight the identity of the territory and show a new way
to fill the urban voids.

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