fabrique de urbanism

fabrique de urbanism

Author Doron Rosmarin
Team Dorøn Rosmarin, Jessie Borger-Seefus
Country Australia

fabrique. fabric.
referencing concepts of:
•factory of living
•material of environment

displaying characteristics of:
•Nets and netting
•Threads and threading

urban curtains enclose and envelope the framed rooms below: opening and closing their space and their views. prayer flags ribbon and flutter in the breeze: calling out the hopeful and calling in the curious - dispensing their blessings into the surrounding hills...

urban curtains framing prosceniums and presenting a stage to the city.
great actors pounding immense platforms.

estimate of costs:
• materials: $2,190.00
rolls of fabric
carabiners; hooks; shackles
climbing gear
ropes and pulleys
safety equipment; harnesses
• labour: $3,200.00
3-4 persons
• total: $5,390.00

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