Territories Other

This is a short essay by Eduardo de Jesus, one of the organizers and also member of the OT jury.

The (social) space is a (social) product
Henri Lefebvre

What territories do we produce and invent in the typical disputes and interactions of everyday life? How to produce-invent territories in the heterogeneous domain of contemporaneity between real and virtual? How do these spaces work? These are some of the issues that point to and animate the project Outros Territorios (Other Territories) and which ask us for panoramic and transdisciplinary visions to perceive the complexity present in the operations between fixed and flows that characterize spaces and their dynamics.

The spaces with their ephemeral occupations, as proposed by the project, sliding through different fields of knowledge such as art, architecture, urbanism and geography among many others can trigger new visions about territorialities, their modes of use and connections with the environment. From the powers triggered by the ephemeral occupations may emerge experiences that - in the urgency of the city and its assemblages - reverberate in our processes of subjectivation to reach new ways of seeing and interacting with the city and its flows.

If the permanence of the more fixed forms of occupation of spaces and territories activates our memory between collective and personal, experiencing the ephemeral propositions (which can displace-invent uses and functions) is the same as opening a line of escape to other freer imaginations, like the construction of a fleeting memory of the city in motion reconfiguring not only our ways of perceiving space and time, but the whole set of social, cultural and political relations that affect our experiences in the territories of the city.


published in Jan. 2, 2019, 8 a.m.